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Chickpea and lentil patties

These patties turned out so delicious I had to share. Even my fussy daughter (who normally would not touch anything that doesn’t have flour or sugar in it) ate it all. Ingredients: 1 can...

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Achieve your goals with Lift

I have just discovered a fantastic IPhone App (if you don’t have an iPhone you can use their web site instead) called Lift. Techcrunch probably do a better job at describing it then I can...

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Slim noodles made from konjac flour

These noodles are amazing. This is going to sound like a sponsored post but it isn’t! I bought this for the first time ever and despite feeling sceptical I tried it. I was totally...

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Banana muffins

I made banana muffins tonight after having been pestered for months now by my sugar craving family to make them. I thought I would share the recipe that I have been using for years...

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First post

This is the new busy blogger (lost the old database 🙁  ) I will start posting soon by